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  • Introductory Class & Tour: Our Instructor Will Give Your Family A Tour And Make Sure Your Child Feels Comfortable In His/Her First Class
  • 5 Martial Arts Classes These are our Kids Martial Arts Class And They Are AWESOME!
  • Free Martial Arts Uniform This Is Our Official Martial Arts Uniform and Belt  (Value: $59.00)
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Here's What Parents Are Saying
"Our son started with Soul Fighters about 6 weeks ago. I cannot say enough good things about each and every instructor. They are patient and kind with every child at every skill level. It doesn't matter if there are 2 kids or 20 kids in class, they have it under control. Most classes are close to an hour and I love that we can go every day. We were paying more elsewhere for one (barely) 45 minute class per week.
If you are looking for an awesome school teaching a variety of classes with fantastic coaches, Soul Fighters Brookfield is the place!!"
Bethel, CT
"Great teaching environment for my 9 year old daughter.
Building her self esteem, confidence and learning new skills of discipline and self defense.
A real family environment, with success and growth as the main goal for each individual student.
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication."
Randee Ganser Bok 
New Milford, CT
"Soul Fighters Martial Arts is an amazing, family oriented gym I would highly recommend!!! Great staff and environment."
Jose Morals
Brookfield, CT
"My daughter has become more confident, Independent, focused and has found a sport she truly loves. I even started training too!! We Love the opportunities this Gym has opened up for our family"
Joseph Palumbo
Danbury, CT
"This place is the bees knees! My girls take classes here, I've taken classes here. Such a welcoming environment, no judgement, and the coaches have a wealth of knowledge (and patience). We love Soul Fighters! ❤"
Rachel Katherine
Brookfield, CT
"I've been to gyms all over and I've never been treated with as much hospitality as I was here. Formiga is a class act and a jiu jitsu genius. The people at the gym are warm, talented, and friendly...they make you feel like family."
Jay Georgetti 
New Milford, CT
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